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Our team utilise over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry to bring you a plethora of food and drink options to ensure that your experience at Belluno is one that you won’t forget. 

The Belluno family story begins humbly,
in Napoli, Italia.

Our upbringing raised us to recognise, adorn and appreciate the importance of how a well prepared meal serves in uniting us after our individual, separate busy days.

We learnt to respect how prudently prepared food, made with quality ingredients, united us all in a celebration of togetherness, no mater how separate our days otherwise were.
We cherish these values as a bedrock, and its upon this foundation which we started our restaurants.

Quality, freshly sourced local ingredients. Prepared and served daily in an atmosphere which wholesomely respects and celebrates the ideal of a together dinning experience serves.

Due to the well received appreciation and patronage for our cuisine, values and efforts, we have been privileged enough to expand our venture across Devon. 
We currently provide across two locations in Devon, Bideford & Newton St. Cyres

Furthermore, with the support of our current patrons and the endeavour of our efforts, we are fortunately able to be considering the third location to our brand


Belluno restaurants strive to bring a vibrant, authentic and welcoming Italian dining experience to south west England



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